April 2024 on wopiTV

3 Guest appearances, my 40th birthday and up to 4 music streams each week. Whoa!!!

April 2024

Up to 4 music streams each week

The Wopi Vibes XXL start in April! On Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday we start the vibes at 9pm Berlin time (3pm EDT, 12pm PDT) with music of all genres. Which ones? Chat influences the set with chat activity, song requests and channel point redemptions. We might also attempt to chase checkmarks, so there might be giveaways when we reach the 75 viewer mark. :)

Wopi Vibes XXL

My 40th Birthday, aaah!

Celebrating into my 40th birthday!
On Sunday, April 21st, starting at 5pm Berlin time (11am EDT, 8am PDT) I will celebrate into my 40th birthday on stream. A mix of games, music and silly stuff open end all night till the next day - my Birthday!
This stream will also be a Stream Raiders Boosted Skinathon. :)

After Party!
The Birthday after party will be on April, 27th!
I am inviting friends to party with me all night starting 8pm Berlin time (2pm EDT, 11am PDT). Classic wopiTV escalation! \o/


Crazy Friday!

April, 5th - 7pm
1pm EDT, 10am PDT
Shellymelodia @ Twitch

Crazy Friday with crazy Wopi? Hell yes! I am visiting my friends in northern Germany to go crazy. I'll bring some crazy music with me for these fun times.

Wild Streamini!

April, 6th - 11am
5am EDT, 2am PDT
JuliNi_DJ @ Twitch

A last time, Julia - also known as Julini - wants to go wild with her Wild Streamini with a lot of talented and crazy people. I'll deliver a banging hard set for you to enjoy! :)

Crushis Birthday!

April, 20th - 1pm
7am EDT, 4am PDT
crushi_aka_pappdame @ Twitch

Crushi is celebrating her (totally legit) 18th birthday in the loudest basement of Germany! She invited me to celebrate with her. I can't say "No!" to that so I'll join the party. I will regret it since its right before my Birthday stream, but whatever! We'll have a ton of fun! :D