I have these stickers on stock at the moment. I am mostly sending out stickers once a month.
Next dispatch: October, 13th 2023

The healer skin stickers are smaller than the others, so if you pick the healer, you get two.

Please be aware I need your address, so I can ship them to you. I will delete your address after sending out the stickers.

wopiTV Logo (3x3")

wopiTV Logo (3x3") Sticker

ElBierro Logo (3x3")

ElBierro Logo (3x3") Sticker

SR Epic Warrior Skin

SR Epic Warrior Skin Sticker

SR Bomber Skin (Clear)

SR Bomber Skin (Clear) Sticker

SR Healer Skin (Clear)

SR Healer Skin (Clear) Sticker

SR Barbarian Skin

SR Barbarian Skin Sticker

SR Tank Skin

SR Tank Skin Sticker

SR Paladin Skin

SR Paladin Skin Sticker

SR DJ FR Skin (Holo)

SR DJ FR Skin (Holo) Sticker

SR Sausage Finger Heart

SR Sausage Finger Heart Sticker

SR Gladiator (Holo)

SR Gladiator (Holo) Sticker

SR Fairy (Holo)

SR Fairy (Holo) Sticker

SR Super Wopi

SR Super Wopi Sticker

SR Blue Heart (Glitter)

SR Blue Heart (Glitter) Sticker

SR Red Heart (Glitter)

SR Red Heart (Glitter) Sticker

wopiCatch wopiball w/ URL (3x3")

wopiCatch wopiball w/ URL (3x3") Sticker
Created by Alextria

wopiCatch silverball (small, 2x2")

wopiCatch silverball (small, 2x2") Sticker
Created by Alextria

wopiCatch goldball w/ URL (3x3")

wopiCatch goldball w/ URL (3x3") Sticker
Created by Alextria full circle (3x3") full circle (3x3") Sticker


GEIL Sticker
Created by wopiTV


ALGE Sticker